Adding Jarvis as an amenity in your building is a one-stop solution for multiple daily inconveniences that your residents experience. We offer solutions for dry-cleaning & laundry, shoe care and package delivery.

Jarvis is a no cost amenity that places secure lockers in underutilized space. Residents have 24/7 access to our services without having to leave the building. This saves them time and money while increasing the attractiveness of your building.

When property managers add Jarvis as an amenity, they drastically increase the value for their residents. Residents no longer have to worry about finding the nearest dry-cleaning and shoe repair shops. Jarvis reduces the hassle of having to find time to drop off and pick up their items during limited hours of operation. And for buildings without a 24 hour concierge, Jarvis helps reduce the collection of self-stick delivery slips left on the front door. We deliver packages into the lockers!

  • No cost to install and maintain lockers
  • Minimal space required
  • Increase your amenity list without increasing strata fees or other operational fees
  • Increase the building’s attractiveness and tenant satisfaction
  • Minimize security risk through consolidated access to the building

When looking for places to live, people consider access to transit, grocery stores and personal services. Adding Jarvis in your building is the perfect opportunity to check a few items off of their list.

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Hassle Free Installation

Jarvis LockersJarvis is free to you. No catch. We are just trying to make your life and that of your tenants easier. We handle the delivery and installation of the lockers at no cost to you. All of our drivers are trained to provide locker maintenance.

The only thing we need from you is a space to install the lockers, and we will complete the install in one business day. We work with you to find the best place for lockers – either a communal area or any underutilized space in your building, such as an elevator lobby in the parkade. Once installed, your residents can start using the lockers immediately – they don’t require electricity or wi-fi.

The Important Details

You are probably wondering what maintenance, safety and liability. We would be happy to discuss these with you in further detail. Please contact us by email or phone.